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What we offer

Deep Relaxation Massage

Experience deep relaxation with a therapeutic Swedish massage. A full body massage 
with a light to medium pressure. This massage utilizes long flowing strokes to promote healthy circulation, lowered blood pressure, and a sense of deep relaxation.

Headache Therapy

This massage is targeted at releasing the tight muscles of the face, scalp, neck, 
and shoulders. Beginning with a cranial massage, flowing down the neck into the 
shoulders and ending with a relaxing craniosecral technique.

Therapeutic Massage

This is a medium to deep pressure massage with much of the same qualities as the 
Swedish, though with more attention to the "sore spots" and deeper layers of tissue. 
This massage is targeted at releasing the tight restrictions and adhesions that occur 
in the muscle and fascia, causing or contributing to restricted range of motion, 
poor posture and chronic pain.

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

This massage is for those who are accustomed to Deep Tissue or Therapeutic Massages. Beginning with myofascial releases and gradually working through individual layers of muscle tissue to access and isolate the source of the pain. This massage involves deep prolonged pressure and the use of Trigger point therapy.

T.M.J. Treatment

For those suffering from tempro mandibular joint disorder, pain, tightness, or stress and tension in the head, neck, and face. This treatment focuses on the muscles and connective tissue around  the tempro mandibular joint, that may become dysfunctional due to clenching of the jaw, teeth grinding, trauma, disease, etc. This treatment  utilizes a combination of myofascial releases, neuromuscular therapy, and cranial sacral techniques to isolate and manipulate dysfunctional soft tissue to reduce or eliminate pain or discomfort associated with this condition.






About Daniel Fernandez

Hello and thank you for your interest in my web site. My name is Daniel Fernandez and I am a licensed massage therapist. I am originally from Canton, Ohio and have been a full time resident of Englewood since 1982. With a strong interest in holistic health care and a great understanding of physiology and anatomy, I had decided utilize these interests in a way in which I could contribute to the health and well being of our community. In 2003 I had decided to enroll in Heritage Institute of Fort Myers, a national leader in traditional and alternative massage therapy training, I knew immediately that I had found my calling. In 2004 I had graduated with over 900 hours in "hands on" therapeutic massage, and received awards in academic excellence and perfect attendance. Since then I have worked side by side with holistic health care professionals such as chiropractors and acupuncturists in a combined effort to relieve pain and promote wellness. I am always striving to improve my knowledge and expand my practice to envolve new and effective modalities of therapeutic massage. I am proud to say that in November of 2007 I have opened my Englewood establishment in hopes of having impact on the health and well being of the residents of our community. 

Not long after I arrived in Florida for the winter, I developed pretty severe neck strain and headaches that kept me from sleeping at night. If I sat down at the computer or to watch TV, I was in immediate pain. Sitting at a restaurant or in any kind of chair, I experienced pain within a few minutes. Fortunately, I found Daniel Fernandez at Therapeutic Massage. Within one session of deep tissue massage, I was feeling much improved. After the second session, my symptoms were almost totally gone. I was amazed at how much release of muscle tension occurred each time. My looseness and range of motion haven’t felt that good since I was a teenager (I’m now 66!). I’m finding that not only am I pain free, but my posture has improved, and it’s easier to self-monitor and self-correct when it isn’t. After the third session, I’m totally pain free but look forward to coming back every few weeks for fine tuning. It’s great to feel young again! Linda B.
Great deep tissue massage!  Using pressure points to increase circulation, helps in healing, and reducing pain.  I am a 76 year old woman and find this the most beneficial treatment  for my aging medical  symptoms.
In 2004 I was involved in a head-on collision. Suffering from excruciating neck and back pain, my physician had prescribed physical therapy. I had receiving treatments three days a week for one year with little to no improvement. In 2006 I was referred to Daniel Fernandez. After the first treatment I had felt better than I had felt since before the accident. After the third treatment from Daniel, I can honestly say, I feel that I have almost 100% recovered.  I have regained my flexibility and the pain is practically gone. I would be happy to share my experience and recommend Daniel to anyone considering massage therapy.

Tim Flack
Of Tim’s Beds and factory direct furniture

I have seen Dan Fernandez for therapeutic massages for the last four years.  I had a wonderful massage therapist up north and was afraid i would not be able to find one as good when i moved to Englewood. I was referred to Dan by my chiropractor and can honestly say that he put my fears to rest. Dan is a true professional who knows exactly what to do to relieve pain and tension due to injury or everyday activities. He explains what he is doing and comes up with stretches and exercises i can do at home to help myself. I have referred many people to Dan and will gladly recommend him to anyone interested in massage therapy.  Linda Masters R.N.   941-474-3701 
I have had pain, poor posture, and very tight muscles in my back, neck and shoulders for over 20 years. Throughout this time I was being treated by my chiropractor and his massage therapists in Bonita Springs before I moved to Englewood. Although I did have a good response with the chiropractic adjustments, I just was not able to find a massage therapist that was able to get results. In July 0f 2008 I was refered to Daniel through my insurance company and began his treatments. I was amazed after just one treatment with the improvement in my range of motion and the decrease in tension. After evaluating my condition, Daniel had explained what muscles were involved, and had put together a treatment plan specifically for my needs. I began with his treatments once a week for eight weeks, and as I began to heal, the tension had eased, the pain had stoped, my posture had improved, and I had become more relaxed both physically and mentally than I had been in years. He has made such a difference in my well being. Now I visit Daniel about once a month to maintain my progress. I am very particular in who I reccomend, though Daniel is a true professional and I would certainly recomend him to anyone in pain as I was, or just in need of relaxation.

Lucille S.

I am an 82 year old retired physician. I recently moved to florida to be with my family. I suffered from a severe spinal disease. The chronic disease has been treated surgically and with extensive physical therapy. I was recently introduced to Daniel Fernandez massage therapy. Before Daniels treatments I suffered severe pain, stiffness, insomnia, irregular bowel habit, and other chronic disorders of gait associated with my chronic spinal disease. Since Daniel has been treating me, I have been walking better. I am sleeping better. I have been able to reduce my pain management to one or two Tylenol in the morning and a little stronger pain pill to carry me through the night, less than half of what I used to take forcomfort and be able to do anything during the day. I highly recommend Daniel. His therapy is more than just massage. It is a holistic dedicated musculoskeletal management, muscle reeducation and the treatment of the whole body. He has encouraged better nutrition and better sleep habits thus I am much more active during the day. Agian without Daniel, I dont know where I would have been in the last few months.

Doc, Williams

Dear Daniel

I wanted to take this time to thank you for taking such good care of me while I was visiting Englewood in February. Because of you I was able to enjoy my vacation. As you know, when I arrived there in the beginning of the month, I was in pain and could not comfortably sit for more than a few minutes. After my first treatment by you, I was able to sit through an entire show. By the end of the month, after several treatments, my mobility was greatly improved and the pain was minimal. My one regret is that I will no longer be able to take advantage of your healing abilities.

To anyone who is considering massage therapy, I would not hesitate to recommend you, Daniel. I feel your caring, gentleness, and compassion along with your professionalism and expertise are without equal. Again thank you.

Janet McKeon

I was visiting friends in Englewood, Florida when I was introduced to Daniel.

My first massage was so incredible, that I had to return.

He pinpointed every area that needed attention and by the time I left his clinic, I was feeling wonderful.

This is not your typical massage, Daniel “knows” every muscle and calls them by name, carefully explaining what he is doing to relieve tension and pressure.

I was relaxed and relieved!

I have had massages for several years, but this is by far the best.


Even a respected  Chiropractor in the area, couldn’t say enough about the many people Daniels professional and caring touch has helped.

I am in the Florida area a lot in my travels.. I will be seeing Mr. Fernandez again……………and again! 


    I am a dental hygienist and both my neck and back muscles take a lot of abuse because my job requires me to contort my body in unusual positions. Whether your job, hobbies, or life circumstances have your muscles tight and aching, Daniel is the man to help you. Daniel is extremely knowledgeable in his work and how to release the tension in your body by working each muscle separately with patience and strength that is appropriate to each individual. When you first get to know him, he is very cautious about relating what pressure is good for you and what areas you have concern, i.e. where your pain is. He really cares about your well-being and I feel very comfortable in his care. He can also give a massage for just relaxation if this is all you need. Daniel is very easy to talk to and very professional. I am so happy with the results I've gotten with Daniel, which is why I volunteered to write this testimonial.

Happy and out of pain,
Phyllis Furtaw, RDH

I have been a massage therapy client of Daniel Fernandez for the past 6 years. Daniel is highly professional, experienced in Massage Therapy skills and Neuro Muscular Therapy (NMT) and very knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology and Trigger Point Therapy.

I have seen Daniel for both acute and chronic musculoskeletal aches and pains and for stress relief. He has greatly helped alleviate pain and tension held in muscle fibers with lasting results.
Daniel is a kind and caring Massage Therapist who loves his work of helping people through professional THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE. 
 In my opinion, he is the best Massage Therapist in southwest, Fl. 

I would highly recommend anyone, both male and female, to DANIEL FERNANDEZ at THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE in Englwood, Fl.

Susan M. Samaha, LMT MA 45557

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